Child Care Choices

Child care can often make or break working parent’s careers. If your sitter isn’t quality, neither is your effort at work and it can lead to costly mistakes, like having to cut out of a meeting early or missing out on a promotion because you’re late every Tuesday. Child care was created to help working parents, so if you are one, and your current option isn’t working, maybe it’s time to reconsider.


There are four basic options when it comes to choosing childcare:


Good ol’ Mom and Dad
Although this option is sometimes fantastic, and often the most cost effective, care provided by a relative can be problematic. They may not understand the type of commitments you have at work, or their age may be a factor in preventing them from giving your children proper care, especially when they’re young. If you do choose to leave your child with a relative, make sure they know what needs to be done, and are aware of how to handle emergencies properly. Honestly, we recommend that anyone who is being left to care for your child is First Aid/CPR trained.


Care in your Home
Agencies like ours provide care in your home which doesn’t mess with the routines you’ve worked so hard to ingrain in your children, of any age, and which make them feel comfortable and safe. It isn’t always the most cost effective option (the more children you have, the more cost effective it becomes), but it is one of the safest. Our staff are trained in post-secondary fields related to child development and are trained in First Aid/CPR and crisis management. They have the experience you want a care provider to have.


Day Care Center
This option puts your child with a group of other children under the guise of teachers or ECE’s who follow instructions of a director. They are strictly regulated to keep your children safe. The hours are limited however and can make it difficult for parents who start early or work later than the traditional 9-5, which has gone the way of the wind in most jobs these days. Available subsidies may make this more affordable for single moms or those who make below or close to the poverty line.


Family Day Care
These are the small daycare centers run from a person’s home. Some drawbacks are that you’re at the impulse of a single person; if that person gets sick, now where does your child go? There are also fewer regulations with home day care centers. They can however be an affordable alternative, but again, with very limited hours.


As a working parent, you need to choose the option, or variety of options, that is right for yourself and your children. You may decide to enroll your child in a Day Care Centre, but to use an in home service for night meetings or to go away for a night with your partner, a friend, or on business. The important thing is that your child ends up in a safe environment with appropriate supervision. Don’t be afraid to tour facilities, interview staff, and ask questions before leaving your child or inviting someone into your home.

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