What to Consider when Choosing Childcare

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Long ago are the days when parents simply hired the teenager down the road to babysit. Now, maybe we worry a little more, maybe we’ve learned from the past and gotten a little more cautious, or maybe in the age of the internet we’ve just gotten scared by the horror stories, but most people will agree that hiring a trained professional to take care of your children is the right choice.

When you select a childcare agency there are a few key things you should be looking for…


First Aid, CPR, AED trained


You want a child care provider who can provide your child with care in case of an emergency. Children tend to find trouble wherever possible as they explore the world, and you want to know that the person you’ve left them with can provide them with the best care possible (short of leaving them with a doctor). Your provider should have basic First Aid and CPR certification that is up to date. It’s not going too far to ask the provider to show proof that their staff has received this training. At Babysitting Angels we have staff that is licensed to teach First Aid and CPR. We never fall behind in our training and are always willing to run a class to teach parents these lifesaving skills, regardless of if they use our other services.


24 Hour Service


Sometimes life happens and you may not make it back at the time you expect to. Childcare professionals will not leave before you return. With a service such as Babysitting Angels we are on call 24 hours a day which means there is never a time where your children will not be provided for. We even will do overnights at home or in hotels.


Testimonials from previous clients


Any childcare company worth its salt has made an impact on the clients it serves. Take a look through their website for testimonials or call to see if they have some on file. If they don’t, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should run for the hills, you may however want to inquire more into how long the company has been in service, the education their staff undergoes, and whether or not they’d be willing to approach previous clients for testimonials.


Screening Process


You don’t want to leave your kids with people who have no business caring for children. Look into the screening process of the childcare provider and ensure that whoever will be looking after your child has the proper training, credentials, and a good record.

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