First Aid for Everyone!!

As a health and child care company, we’re strong advocates that everyone who is physically capable to provide first aid and CPR should be trained in it. Why? Because that’s how you save lives.


In our information society, no one is ever going to argue with you that education is a bad idea, yet many people are reluctant to be educated in first aid. They see it as a responsibility, which to an extent it is. More troubling however, is that they often don’t feel like they will ever need to use First Aid or CPR training.


To prove that first aid training is helpful in your everyday life, here are 10 scenarios which might occur at home, at work or on the go where being First Aid certified would be incredibly helpful:


1) Your daughter is helping you to make her favourite tonight; pasta. She insists that she’ll be okay draining off the excess water but when she picks up the pot from the stove the handle falls off. Her legs are being burnt and her clothing has soaked up much of the boiling water. Now what?


2) You’re passing by the storage room at work when you hear a banging noise. Out of curiosity you open the door and find someone who has clearly fallen to the floor. Now what?


3) While at your sons’ soccer game his friend falls hard onto his shoulder, you hear a loud pop. An ambulance is called but you’re told that because of other more life threatening emergencies they could take up to a half hour to arrive. Now what?


4) A couple is enjoying lunch in the secluded section of the park you run through every day. The woman calls out for help saying her husband is choking. Now what?


5) During a storm you lose control of your car and end up in the ditch. You have no cell service and the car won’t start. Now what?


6) You’re making dinner for a friend and get distracted while talking. You cut your finger and there is a considerable amount of blood. Now what?


7) Your child’s grandfather is outside playing with them when your child comes running in saying that grandpa’s face “looks funny.” Now what?


8) A friend injures herself badly and needs help around the house for a few weeks, while you’re there she asks for your help in keeping the wound clean and changing the dressings. Now what?


9) Your co-worker trips running up the stairs and hits their chin hard. They seem fine, but now what?


10) A customer brings in cookies for your staff as a thank-you for something you did for them, she tells you they’re peanut free, but by mistake they aren’t. One of your staff who is allergic eats one. Now what?


First Aid situations like these are a part of everyday life. People get minor cuts and scrapes, choke, burn themselves, and suffer from a variety of medical problems such as heart attack, stroke, and allergic reactions. First Aid gives you the ability to make sure they are as comfortable as possible and still alive when they reach medical professionals.


Knowing that you can keep your family safe and answer every “Now what?” on that list should be incentive enough to take a course. If not, give us a call and we can provide you with more reasons and competitive rates for First Aid, CPR and AED certification.

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