Why Should your Young Adult take a Babysitting Course?

Seeing as this blog is hosted by a childcare provider service, it might seem odd that we’re promoting that young adults take a babysitting class, but this is our line of thought; Not everyone is going to hire a childcare service. Many people will continue to use their neighbour, oldest child, or middle and high school students to take care of their young kids. Although we don’t feel that’s the right choice for everyone, we still want those who use the neighbourhood babysitter to know that their child is safe.

If your child is between the ages of 11-14 they can register for a babysitting course with a variety of agencies, ours included. The course will teach them safety precautions, about household dangers when watching over small children, how to change diapers, how to stay calm through an emergency like a break-in or fire, and techniques for dealing with children when their parents are gone. Many courses, ours included, can be done in combination with CPR and First Aid training to ensure that in a life threatening situation your babysitter will know what to do to keep your child alive until emergency services arrive.

So why should your child take a babysitting course?

Babysitting teaches young adults responsibility and gives them a chance to see the effort that goes into earning money

The skills learned in a babysitting course, such as how to react during a break-in or fire, will help to keep them safe

The children’s parents have peace of mind that your child will be able to care for their children

If taken with a CPR and First Aid component, your child is more likely to be calm in an emergency and able to handle a life threatening situation.

For more information on an effective babysitting course for young adults, visit http://www.visitingangels.ca/specialty-childcare-training/.

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