Core Services

We provide on-site childcare for Weddings, Engagement Parties, Special Events, Conferences and Seminars.  This service is available at your home, in the hotel room, banquet hall wherever the event takes place. 

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Let Babysitting Angels® take care of all your wedding childcare needs so parents and guests alike can enjoy themselves on the special day. We can provide services at the reception hall table, a separate room in reception hall, churches, ceremonies, a hotel room or a home close by. For adult only weddings, we provide invitation inserts with our contact information.

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Sometimes conferences, seminars, festivals, and other gatherings are in a different city, making it difficult to plan and make arrangements for your children. Babysitting Angels® provides unique childcare solutions so that parents and guardians can attend these events with peace of mind knowing their child is close by and well taken care of.


Whether it's a work emergency, medical situation, or a night on the town, personal childcare can come in handy. At Babysitting Angels® we bring childcare to you and take care of the little ones, so you don't have to. We have staff covering the GTA, the Niagara Region, and everywhere in between. Contact us today and let us provide our specialized childcare, to ensure your peace of mind.


On vacation or a business trip in the GTA, Niagara Region, or anywhere  in-between and need time away from the children? Babysitting Angels®  will come to your hotel room and provide care to your children while you enjoy your time out.

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Babysitting Angels® is committed to providing service and care with the utmost professionalism. We provide many unique services for companies needing childcare for special events, conferences, seminars and other circumstantial instances. We can send our highly trained sitters directly to the office or site.

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We offer more services to cover your children under many other circumstances.