Courses Offered


First Aid/CPR/AED/HCP Training (Recertification training also offered)

First Aid/CPR can save a life. Regardless of your age or occupation, having this training can make a difference in yours or some else's life.


Specialized First Aid/CPR and Home Safety Training for New Parents and Grandparents

You can never be too prepared when caring for a newborn child. Babies require specialized CPR, and without the proper technique the child can be injured. New parents and grandparents alike, this training is important in ensuring your child's safety.


Babysitting Course (11+)

This course covers the responsibilities of a babysitter. These responsibilities include: selecting safe and suitable games and activities, how to handle the basics of infant and child care, how to react responsibly to medical emergencies and injuries, how to perform First Aid/CPR for common childhood injuries and illnesses, and poison control. This course can prepare the student to interview for a babysitting job.


Home Safety Training (10+)

This course covers the responsibilities attached to being safe in the home such as fire safety, poison control, understanding emergency protocol, and intruder/stranger safety.