Our Story

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Babysitting Angels® is the sister company of Visiting Angels®, founded in 1997 in St Catharines, Ontario. Today, Visiting Angels® operates in the Niagara region and the Greater Toronto Area. Visiting Angels® was created to provide reliable and quality home nursing care, and personal support services. They have expanded beyond traditional nursing care to provide a variety of services including: Acquired Brain/Traumatic Injury, Palliative Care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, First Aid/CPR/AED/HCP training and       Re-certification, and more. Visiting Angels® always saw a need to provide specialized child care. As the company is made up of mostly working moms, they understood the need for non-traditional childcare.


As the demand for childcare services grew Babysitting Angels® was created in 2010 in order to expand the operation, which is where our story begins. Our goal is to provide childcare in any and all unique situations that parents may need. Our services include: night-out babysitting, emergency childcare, nanny/daycare back-up, special needs childcare, baby nurse, event childcare such as weddings or events, lost child area for events, supervised visitation, birthday parties, special First Aid/CPR training for new parents, and the babysitting course. Babysitting Angels® is an insured and bonded company. All professional childcare providers are subject to police checks, and must be First Aid/CPR certified. As with our sister company Visiting Angels®, Babysitting Angels® strives to provide the best care possible for both parents and children. 


The Babysitting Angels® team is made up of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters. We understand how hard it can be to find the right care for your children under unique circumstances and a busy schedule. Our solution is offering quality, customizable childcare, and offering childcare outside of traditional care times. We are dedicated to helping families find babysitters who can meet their unique needs. By providing our signature compassionate care as well as our experienced on-site staff, we make it our duty to accommodate our clients.

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