“The childcare services provided by Babysitting Angels were outstanding. My children had a great time. Though I was reluctant about taking them, as I thought that I would be too worried about them to be able to stay focused at the conference; I was wrong. The staff was great and put my concerns at ease immediately. It was wonderful to see such diversity in ethnicity, gender and age among the staff.”


- Georgia


“I can understand why the name, “Babysitting Angels” was given as your business name.  You truly were a godsend to our family and guests at our daughter, Emily’s wedding.  The expertise with which our younger guests were taken care of, left the wedding attendees to thoroughly enjoy their meals and the evening was carefree for all.  The parents that took advantage of this service had nothing but good coments. More importantly, many of our nieces and nephews would not have been able to attend the wedding without the “Babysitting Angels” being present.  What a great concept!  Thank you all so much. Best Wishes."


- Pat K.



“My experience with the Babysitting Angels at a recent wedding reception was excellent. The angels were extremely responsive to and comfortable with kids of all ages, including newborns. Their professionalism, experience and caring touch allowed me and every other parent at the event to leave our kids in their capable hands without a second thought and focus on enjoying the party.  I would strongly recommend Babysitting Angels to anyone planning an event where childcare may be required."

- Cleo K.



“I wanted to thank you so much for providing such great service at our event last Saturday, July 13th. The children & parents were so thrilled by how amazing the child care providers were!”


- Anonymous